Peace, I am HRU7, the founder of Seen and Heard Media Works and this is my blog, 9 UNTIL ?

My earliest intrigue with visual and graphic design was sparked by my fascination with ancient Egyptian motifs comic art, and the throwback Hip Hop flyers by legendary greats like Phase 2 and Buddy Esquire. In fact, I chose 9 UNTIL ? as this blog’s title in homage to those early flyers where I first remember seeing the phrase in print.

Flyer design: Phase 2 Notice 9 UNTIL ? on the lower right.

Flyer design: Phase 2
Notice 9 UNTIL ? on the lower left.

Like most late 60’s early 70’s babies, I enjoyed the mainstream silver age comics and characters, but the ones that looked like me where mostly stereotypical caricatures. Fortunately I was brought up to value the African Diaspora and this was supported early on at home with illustrated Black history books and coloring books.

Pulling inspiration from J.A. Rogers “Your History: From Beginning of Time to the Present” with cartoonists George L. Lee and Ahmed Samuel Milai and also from Golden Legacy Illustrated History Magazine, 9 UNTIL ?, is my visual arts platform to discuss Black Folklore, Legends, and Live Action Heroic Characters.

Your History Golden Legacy