I just finished reading Craig Jenkins Noisey review of Ciara‘s cover of the Rolling Stones classic “Paint it Black“. The track comes our way via the soundtrack for Vin Diesel’s “Last Witch Hunter”. The music reviewer didn’t cut his words, calling Ciara’s version “Too melodramatically arranged for its own good” and a  “True Crime”. To me this nearly signals incompetence when a music reviewer fails to respect a reasonable connection between a “melodramatic” song and its intend purpose as a soundtrack feature. I can’t front though, Jenkins post title  and colorful evaluation kept me reading, Still in the end I had to flip his “Fam who did this” to “Fam who wrote this?” And do they know the history of the Glimmer Twins and the progenitory relationship between the blues and goth rock n roll?  As a student of this thing called recorded music, it seemed not to me.

My own rearing in Hip Hop culture provided me with an appreciation for the 60’s dramatic Soundtracks and the British Invasion genres and their Blues roots. I actually was vibing to my Ennio Morricone channel while reading his post. Likewise, “Paint It Black” is one of my favorite songs period and not only am I impressed with the First Lady of Crunk‘s rendition, I see the inherent importance of it. See its no easy task making the connection from the Blues to the sonic offerings of today. All too often whats poppin right now seems devoid of that sonic legacy as if the fruity loops age of music makers possess no musical history.

In my opinion, Ci Ci’s cover has the potential to open up a much needed endeavor of current artists re-introducing the foundation of all pop music to an oblivious multitude. Even her response to being asked underscores the need.

When they asked me to do this, I was like, “Absolutely. This would be an honor.” I had never thought to cover this song. It was never on my radar to cover it, but when the opportunity came along, I was very thrilled, because I love what the producer Adrianne Gonzales did. The direction that she went in was actually a sound I’ve always wanted to play with, and it just didn’t get any better than being able to cover a Rolling Stones song. I feel like it pushes the edge and the limit for me, in reference to what people probably expect from me. So this was so many cool things in one. It was a huge honor, and then creatively I just got to really have some fun that I don’t usually do in my music.

You see Fam, we did this and not to continue to do this will only serve to further expand the divide and disassociation between the music’s roots and fruit considered ripe for the picking. Again I think Ci Ci states the case appropriately when she says,

I think that music is also in a very cool time where everyone’s being very expressive, and it kind of also has a retro thing happening where hints of the old school are starting to come back into today’s music. This is one of those cool moments where it reminds you of how great music was, how people are really experimenting right now and how it’s cool to be able to do that today.

In short, yeah, I dig Ciara’s “Paint It Black” for more reason’s than just how it sounds. Check it out, maybe you will too.