Dirty Hearts, a short film by Director Victorious DeCosta recently won The Audience Award at the 2015 Official Latino Short Film Festival.

OLSFF’s mission is to showcase, nurture and support the emerging creative American Latino filmmaker in the United States. As the name of the award suggest, out of about 50 films screened Dirty Hearts was awarded for excellence by the viewing audiences.

A work of passion and emotional exertion, Dirty Hearts is a story that follows the changes a community undergoes when its most beloved resident suddenly falls victim to an untimely death. An honest tale of Angst, Regret and Clarity, Dirty Hearts is set within the borders of Brooklyn’s close knit Panamanian-American community found most densely in the neighborhoods of Flatbush and Crown Heights.
The outsider gets a rare peek into the hearts of a forgotten generation and neighborhood; learning the answers to: “How does this all feel?” and “What happens when the bad guy does the right thing?”.

” I am extremely proud of Dirty Hearts and the conversation it brings to the table. I get very emotional every time I see it (especially during the credits – watch the credits). ”


About The Director

A first generation New Yorker born of South and Central American parentage, Victorious has dedicated his life to providing social service locally, Nationally, and abroad. A former DJ and radio host, his life-long love for the arts, writing and music has taken him around the world from his native East Flatbush to South America, Eurasia & Africa where he learned different cultures as well as techniques to reach people in need. Victorious continues to dedicate his stewardship to the community through film with an overarching vision to be a ‘Catcher In The Rye”.

Dirty Hearst final NYC screening will be in Brooklyn on Wednesday 12/2/15- at Bahche located at 191 7th Street in Park Slope Brooklyn -11215.

For future screening updates or to learn more about this Mighty Amazing up and coming director visit VictoriousDecosta.Com