Peace and my bad, I didn’t warn you I’d be gone till November. I ain’t post a blog in a year minus a day. So much stuff happened this past year that I could recap but I think I’ll leave that to Mad Skillz 2016 Rap Up.

More importantly, It’s good to be back with the 2016 Dope AF Gift List on the anniversary of the 2015 Dope AF Gift List.

No matter what your take on the season may or may not be, when it comes to gifts, most people don’t turn down nothing but the bedroom lights. So, last year I introduced the Dope AF Gift List in service to all.

The 2016 Dope AF Gift List features fun, interactive, educational, nutritional and recreational gift ideas.

sdp youthSupreme Design Youth Collection

ONLY $70

Collection Includes: How to Hustle and Win Part 1, Rap, Race, and Revolution: How to Hustle and Win Part 2, Knowledge of Self, Locked Up But Not Locked Down, Black God, The Heritage Playing Cards and 1 SDP Iron On Patch.

That’s a $30 Off Savings to You!

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boom stick

The IAtomic Vapes BOOM STICK is the premiere top of the line 3 in 1 baking vaporizer.

Our high grade ceramic heating chamber uses baking oven combustion to achieve the optimal smoking experience no matter Dry Herb, Oil, or Wax.

THE BOOM STICK features a five temperature option setting giving the user more control over their experience.

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Imhotep’s Learning Concepts Early Math Vol.1A

This is an ancient Egyptian and Yoruba themed Preschool learning workbook that will teach your little ones Number recognition , counting, addition and subtraction!

Was $13.00 Now Only $9.00

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imperial kombucha

 Imperial Kombucha~~ ‘Nature’s Champagne’

Live Ancient Healthy Natural Organic Vegan Probiotic. 13 delicious flavors and custom flavor combinations. 12 oz, 24 oz, and 64 oz jugs. Buy a bottle or book a tasting today.

So Good it shouldn’t be called Kombucha!

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Still need gift idea’s?

Check out last year’s list. The gifts there are still legit Dope AF!

2015's List