Easy, Easy catch your breathe. Then fill in that speechless gasp with an alternative… I’m sure some have an answer, I do too, mine is Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff – the MIGOS. I imagine by now more than a few of you are giving me the twisty face, thinking ‘this is some left field meirda right here’. But had I posted Zendaya, Yiri, Malia, or Amandla up there as role models for Black millennial womanhood not one of you would flinch. That’s because the media already made them positive role models in our eyes. Not to undermine those or any young woman’s deserved recognition but the media turns up when they making a young sister their darling. But who are they making them for?
Their sons?
Their daughters?
What about our sons, their brothers?

“Prevent the Rise of a Black Messiah!”
The media has a 100% success rate at never voluntarily putting a young Black Man out there. MIGOS is the exception that proves the media follows that cowardly edict.
MIGOS dominates the media not because the media wants to push them but as a divine reward for brotherhood, Black business partnerships and a drive to carry on tradition and lead Hip Hop’s younger generation.


Up until a few months ago, MIGOS were famous enough but not nearly as famous as they would be literally overnight on January 9th when Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover, another prime candidate for role model but arguably a millennial at 33 years old, put MIGOS on blast to the world in his Golden Globe acceptance speech. What’s important tho is that he is a fellow rapper.. Any actor or comedian coulda been and probably were a fans of MIGOS but sharing that bond as rappers comes with a certain camaraderie that made them fam.

“It was a blessing for Donald to do that. For him to do that in his moment — because that was his moment — that means a lot. That shows the real from the fake.” – OFFSET

migos gambino

With one sentence Gambino/Glover planted a magic jellybean that thrust MIGOS larger than himself. Because of that selfless expression of admiration he now is a major part of their story and goes where they go. Still, brotherhood is a two way street with an inherent debt to “respect the cosign”. Thus far MIGOS are standing firm with a collective dignity that honors the plug. They are not just all style, they’re primarily substance and evidence of our power to shine a positive light on each other just by rocking a “Put your Mans On” or “Hook A Sista Up” mindset.

“All the people that’s coming up right now, we’re all happy for each other. There’s enough money for everybody, and enough work for everybody too.” – QUAVO

Carry On Tradition
MIGOS grew up in Greater Metro Atlanta’s Northside in gwinnett county. Now don’t just get visions of sprawling lawns and picket fences, everywhere got a hood and some expression of street or hip hop culture – gwinnett is no exception. Whatever the case it was in that suburban setting that MIGOS grew out of a close knit supportive family situation.

“The Nawf! It’s outskirts, it’s secluded. If we came out of there, we wanted to make sure we screamed that to the fullest and put it on the map. It’s not like a part of Atlanta, but we made it a part of Atlanta.” – QUAVO

“This is my immediate family. These are the only people I know. That’s why we be around each other so much. I don’t know nobody else.” – OFFSET

“Nobody can separate us because we’re real family, we have to stick together…we’re going to come back to the same dinner table.” – TAKEOFF

Where urbania is known to dash and scuttle ambition, suburbia tends to nuture and empower it. Perhaps thats why MIGOS adopted Quavi and Offset’s HS football coach’s work ethic in pursuit of achievement. Incidentally you can’t play HS sports without first taking your academics seriously and you can hear that book smarts when they speak about their craft and goals.

“It’s three of us, so everything we make goes through a process. We all come up with stuff. Whatever I might think about, I bring it to the boys. Our game plan is always well thought out”
“When you popping so hard, got these blessings coming down, you got the devil tryin’ to get at you. You gotta stay focused .” – TAKEOFF

“I just love making you feel better as a person, on the inside. A song could change your whole situation. We’re just trying to give life. Trump being President — it’s what we living in. I look at life as like, reality. Whether it’s better for me, or worse for me, it’s reality, and we gotta make it work. I don’t wanna take sides, I don’t be all into politics like that. When it comes to the President, if this is what it is right now, we gotta help the people that ask for help and keep going. This is life”. – OFFSET


Like the Treacherous Three before them, the MIGOS introduced a new style of rap but unlike their contemporaries who rather eat by making songs spewing some older rap cats name over and over, MIGOS aims to make songs with Hip Hop royalty like Nas and Run-DMC.

“Where all this culture is coming from — all this freestyle, all this triplet flow, all these repetitive hooks — we have to station that. We had to put an address on it. I wanna put our name on the forefront of it, cause we put our time and hard work and dedication into being the head of the young generation.”
“We’re trying to show people that the young generation can do it. We can set trends and come in with our own lane, and then join in with the OGs to get that respect. We got some type of pride situation. Like, these older guys been out already, so we gotta prove something to them. We got so much hunger. Everybody’s real hungry to prove that we can really spit, to these older guys.” – QUAVO

~C’Mon Son, they just some skinny jean wearing thugs, You making them sound like choir boys~

Indeed like many young Black men, MIGOS have made their share of youthful missteps and mistakes in the form of gang related activity, arrests, incarceration and even two assassination attempts. Not much unlike other respected greats such as James Brown, Bob Marley, MJ, Tupac, and TI. Our problem is that most people over 40’s perception has been skewed and can’t be trusted. We give a side eye to juvenile antics that used to impress us, while giving a blind eye to the traumatized society and all its tragic temptations our young men and women endure daily and while often subject to our slick talking disdain and shamefully with very little of our support.

Romans 12:2
And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

In my opinion MIGOS gets it and their transformation is in full effect or as group spokesman Quavo puts it when discussing their past indiscretions and future-present navigation of being successful young rich niggas with new earned fame.

“There’s no room for fuck-ups now.”

Let’s not make our fuck-up the missed opportunity to recognize them as deserving, disciplined works in progress who not only make great songs but also continue to solidify their success and legacy with hard work, grassroots partnerships, and a mutual respect for family and Hip Hop’s cultural conventions. Yeah, I fucks with the MIGOS. Dat Way.